MEPIS can implement a variety of electrical assessments.


  • As-Built floor plans and one-line diagrams (emphasis on power distribution)
  • Deficiencies report with Electrical Code references
  • Short-Circuit, Selective Coordination, and Arc Flash Studies
  • Harmonics Studies
  • Load Studies
  • Feasibility and Master Plan reports on future expected work and impact, including schematic design documents
  • Development of client’s standards and specifications
  • MEPIS is experienced with working on both low voltage (600V) and medium voltage (4160V- 12470V) distribution systems
  • Documents can be signed and sealed by staff licensed electrical engineers as required

MEPIS has a team of Field Technicians devoted full time to visiting sites to collect required data for the power system. Full documentation includes device locations, ratings, feeder measurements, grounding, overcurrent devices, and so on. Each crew dispatched has a field chief they report to, who in turn reports back to the main office.

MEPIS is familiar with using various tools such as data loggers to collect measurements as required for load studies and harmonics assessments. Our power studies frequently use SKM Power*Tools software where appropriate.

MEPIS has performed large-scale assessments, including the following:

  • Mapping of University campus site lighting and exterior (medium-voltage) power distribution with feasibility/deficiency report
  • Electrical survey with arc flash assessment of numerous large buildings (300,000 sq. ft.)
  • Medical campus electrical survey and arc flash assessment
  • Grounding studies, including field measurement of ground currents
  • University campus grounding assessment and improvements