A key component of MEPIS engineering services involves the design of fire protection systems for a wide variety of buildings and occupancy types.  From relocation of sprinkler heads in renovation projects to entire fire protection design for new construction, the fire protection department has the experience needed to provide reliable, cost-effective life and property safety systems with comprehensive fire protection design.

Our fire protection design ranges from typical automatic wet sprinkler and standpipe systems, to specialized dry pipe, deluge, and pre-action systems. Specialty systems used for the storage of hazardous materials or high-value property are also part of our engineering ability.

MEPIS works directly with leaders in the fire protection industry to ensure our designs and consulting services are consistent with current code and making use of the latest proven technology. NFPA and insurance carriers are routinely consulted ensuring that the end use systems satisfy all regulatory requirements.

  • Sprinkler System Design
  • Fire Protection Services
  • Fire and Smoke Damper Surveys
  • Fire and Jockey Pump Design
  • Fire Alarm Systems