NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY - CHICAGO CAMPUS | Feinberg School of Medicine Short-Circuit Studies
Project Case Study

MEPIS was commissioned by Northwestern University and Ashburn Power and Lighting (AP&L) to perform an assessment of the newly renovated spaces within the Feinberg School of Medicine. This assessment covered parts of three buildings; 6 renovated floors of the Ward Building, and a mechanical floor on both the Searle Building and the Morton Building. MEPIS reviewed existing Northwestern drawings and riser diagrams and performed a thorough survey of the building to verify the equipment.

The survey documented the entire electrical system including feeder sizes and lengths, overcurrent protection device models and settings, and nameplate data for transformers and large motors. Using this survey information, a short circuit & coordination study and arc flash analysis was performed using SKM power system analysis software. A report with one-line diagrams was generated summarizing the findings, including highlighting failed equipment buses, areas of overcurrent incoordination, and arc flash hazard ratings with associated labels.