UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO MEDICINE | Chicago Lying-In/Mothers Aid Research Pavilion (CLI/MARP) | New Fire Protection System
Project Case Study

Chicago Lying-In/Mothers Aid Research Pavilion (CLI/MARP) is a 169,585 square-foot, 8-story medical facility devoted to neonatal and newborn care.  MEPIS was hired along with UrbanWorks Architects to provide construction documents for a new wet-pipe fire protection system.  Design included new sprinkler risers, new sprinkler heads, and new connection to existing fire pump in the adjacent Wyler building, with a future valved main connection for a future fire pump.

MEPIS surveyed the existing conditions and developed a feasibility summary for the proposed pipe routings and the documented the extent of system installation. UrbanWorks Architects provided architectural support, including a new proposed reflected ceiling plan with new sprinkler head locations and any required relocation of light fixtures. MEPIS proceeded to provide construction documents including drawings, specifications, and proposed construction schedule.