Project Case Study

MEPIS was commissioned by Tyson Foods to provide engineering and construction management services for the replacement of the roof at their Chicago Hospitality Plant. The approximately 180,000 square foot roof will be replaced in its entirety within 3 phases. In addition to the removal of the roof itself to be raised, all mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment would need to be disconnected and reconnected, some relocated or removed. Furthermore, a new Quickdraft oven and fryer exhaust system would be installed. Major equipment within the scope of work includes: rooftop units, exhaust fans, ductwork, gas and ammonia lines, and drain piping system.

MEPIS surveyed the area to ascertain the scope with the submitted design drawings. MEPIS will oversee construction services to make the necessary repairs and testing of the equipment. Field reports, testing checklists, and closeout documents will be generated and turned over to Tyson